Frank’s Favorite Summer Resources


There are some resources on Download Youth Ministry that I have used specifically for my Summer programming that have been absolutely amazing! Below are resources I have personally used in the Summer that I have found to be home runs in my ministry. I think they will be great for your too!


On The Way

There is nothing else like this anywhere else. This devotional and activity packet offers an alternative to keep your students active and interacting with each other while on the bus or on the plane to their destination. Whether it is a camp or a mission trip, help your kids get off their phone and hanging with each other.


The Scholarship Fund

Before coming to my current church, I didn’t know how to really do a scholarship fund for my youth group. I had to get serious because the need was serious. This resource had everything I need to wrap my mind around a scholarship fund and how to execute one well. All my kids are always covered every year and it is because of this resource.


Sun’s Out, Buns Out

Nothing says summer quite like hot dogs. Test your students hot dog trivia knowledge by playing this silly up front game.


Renew: A DNOW Study

Every year we host our own summer camp. This was the curriculum we used for our fist camp. It had everything we need to make the spiritual side of camp legit. Great sermons, great small group material, and other extras to make your camp over the top! It is the most expensive thing on this list, but for camp this was basically a steal.


Don’t Waste Your Summer

I like to change my programming in the summer. We focus way more on relationships and give my team a bit of a break until the fall. This small group curriculum kept the hearts of our students focused on Jesus while the summer slump happened. It comes with cool bookmarks you can print and 8 weeks of small group questions.


Cool Cat Summer Calendar

Summer calendars are an inexpensive way to keep your students and their families in the loop. These fun calendars were a big hit with my group this year. They love the cat and the clear information. If you have photoshop, it is really easy to edit. If you don’t have photoshop, it is easy to add your content on top of the images themselves.


Roll Away Marvel Edition

Summer is full of blockbuster movies. Which means it will be full of Marvel movies! Play this great Marvel-themed screen game. The biggest Marvel fans will flourish!


Say Yes

I did a special spiritual retreat at a Christian School last year where I chose to do this series. I was so impressed with it I felt like this would be a cool summer camp curriculum. If you're looking for something a little more affordable than the Renew series, grab this little retreat bundle.


Romper Rules Summer Camp Video

This silly video will get your rules for your summer camp across loud and clear. Your kids may be a little uncomfortable afterwards too.


12 in 12: Summer Edition

Derry makes the silliest games and this one is for sure a winner. A number of images will be on the screen and students have to try to remember each of them before the timer goes out.


Mission Trips Nuts & Bolts

If you are planning a mission trip, even if you are a vet, this is a hand resource. Tons of forms and tools to get your trip planned and organized.


Will It Burn: Summer Edition

Students have to guess if something is burning or not. What else do I need to say? Oh, they are all summer things. Get this fun game!


Crowd Charades: Summer Edition

Crowd Charades is easy, fun, and a guaranteed hit. Exactly what I need in my summer programming. Your kids will love acting out these summer-themed phrases.

Bonus Free Video Idea

This is my favorite summer camp related video of all time. It is a shame Matt McGill doesn't make more of these. You could show this video straight up, but I think it would be even funnier if you recreated this video.

Take his script, drive to the camp you are going to, film it with you being silly, and show it either before you leave for camp or at camp. It is sure to be a huge hit!